Thank you for using the .US WHOIS Data Accuracy Reporting System. The following form will allow you to report inaccurate or incomplete WHOIS data within the .US namespace.

This reporting tool is designed to allow Internet users to report suspected inaccurate WHOIS information or Nexus data of .US domain names. Data collected through this tool will be submitted to the appropriate registrar for handling, investigation and correction as needed.

.US Accredited Registrars are required to maintain accurate WHOIS information and Nexus information for all domain names they sponsor. They are obligated to obtain accurate contact information from registrants and provide this data to the Registry. In addition, they are required to investigate and correct any reported WHOIS or Nexus inaccuracies.

If you need to update your own contact information, you should contact your accredited Registrar or Reseller directly. The .US Registry does not make updates to WHOIS data for registrants. If you do not know who your accredited Registrar or Reseller is, go to and perform a lookup on your domain name. The sponsoring registrar listed in the results is the official accredited registrar of your domain.

Please begin the reporting process by entering the domain name of concern, along with your name and email address in the form below: